You can kiss a headcrab in Half-Life 2: VR

I mean, you’d have to do all the smoochy noises and, uh, mouth stuff yourself, but it totally counts, even if you get killed. And you’ll probably get killed. I don’t think headcrabs are into gingers. Or people, for that matter. Anyway, Valve missed the obvious opportunity to launch a VR version of Half-Life 2 (and kiss a headcrab) with its own HTC Vive VR headset, so some other guys have decided to do it instead. And when they’re finished with that, maybe they can get started on Half-Life 3.

Over on Steam Greenlight, the Half-Life 2: VR campaign promises motion controller support, “realistic” weapon interactions, updated visuals, and a custom 3D interface, plus compatibility with VR headsets including the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. It will apparently be released “soon” as a free mod for the original 2004 game and its two subsequent add-ons.

More than 15,000 Steam users have already voted for it, so now we wait for Valve’s stamp of approval. Or cease-and-desist letter.