Characters in the new X-Men show The Gifted use their mutant powers for good

When they’re not going full Carrie at the school dance, anyway. I mean, come on, if I had telekinetic powers, I’d probably also use them to get free snacks from vending machines. It’s not a crime if you’ve got a legit craving. I read that somewhere. I think.

Debuting sometime later this year, Fox’s new series The Gifted is set in one of the convoluted multitude of X-Men timelines where Sentinels exist, and features a couple of otherwise totally ordinary suburban kids who discover they have – you’ll never guess what, oh, you guessed what – mutant powers, and must go on the run from government agents who want to capture them for, I dunno, research. Except in a hilarious sitcom twist, their dad is one of those government agents. I bet your puberty wasn’t this awkward.

One of the trailer’s most intriguing lines is near the end. “The X-Men, the Brotherhood,” says one guy. “We don’t even know if they exist anymore.” So I suppose that means we probably won’t see Wolverine in the show.