Phantom Dust remaster free for PC and Xbox One

Back in 2016, we reported that a Phantom Dust remaster was in the works for PC and Xbox One. There’s a slim chance any of us South Africans got our grubby hands on the original, seeing as it was a relatively niche title for the original Xbox that launched in 2004. In a surprise announcement, the remaster is launching sometime today, and it will be free for Windows 10 and Xbox One.

The news came from Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg, head of Xbox games marketing. He announced the launch via Twitter:

The news is unsurprisingly welcome. For one, free games are always a good thing. And also, this is clearly the best way to rope in a much larger player base by removing the obligation to pay up. This way, perhaps more hype and interest can be generated for the Phantom Dust sequel that was announced in 2014 and subsequently put on hold. In case you didn’t know, Phantom Dust is an action game where players do combat using decks of cards. If you want to see the remaster up and running, check out this gameplay video (via Polygon).

At time of writing, Phantom Dust hasn’t been listed on the Xbox Marketplace or the Windows 10 store, but hopefully it won’t be a long wait. Just keep hitting the refresh button and try out what many regard as an under-appreciated gem.