PSA: Lots of backwards compatible Xbox 360 games are super cheap this week

Microsoft has dropped prices on a huuuuugemongous list of Xbox 360 games that are backwards compatible on Xbox One, including mandatory must-haves like the original Assassin’s Creed, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Trine 2Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Grand Theft Auto IVBeyond Good & Evil HD, Portal 2, Red Dead RedemptionBraid, all the Bioshock and Dead Space games, both Left 4 Dead games, and Viva Pinata. Shut up, Viva Pinata was rad.

From now until next week Tuesday, 22 May, these games are going at up to 75% off the regular price, so if you missed out the first time, now you can make up for it. And even if you didn’t miss out the first time, now you can own a digital copy that will go on even when you’re dead. You can add it to your will and everything.

At the same time, some other games are also on special, including the Oddworld: New & Tasty remix that I actually bought because it’s only R55. I’d buy almost anything for R55.

Check out the complete list of deals over on Major Nelson’s blog, and treat yourself. Because why? Because it’s Tuesday.