Custom characters gotta go fast in Sonic Forces

Want to pass the time for a few minutes? Do a Google search for anyone’s name followed by “… the Hedgehog”, and you’ll be confronted by fan art and bios for your character. Seriously, it works with almost any name, even fellow writer Tank‘s. This is because the Sonic the Hedgehog fan community is bigger and more vibrant than any of us could possibly fathom, especially if you turn off SafeSearch (don’t turn off SafeSearch). But while drawing pictures and inventing backstories has worked until now, wouldn’t it be much cooler to actually see your Sonic character going fast? Thanks to the upcoming Sonic Forces, fans will have that chance.

Sonic Forces was first announced back in June 2016, with a short trailer showing Classic Sonic and we don’t know what we’re doing Modern Sonic rushing to defend a city. In its most recent trailers, the new character creation feature was shown off, detailing how your super-fast mammal will play a role in the game. Your hero will be playable in classic side-scrolling, as well as modern third-person views. Heroes can also be outfitted with a great variety of cosmetic accessories and usable gadgets, like grappling hooks and flamethrowers.

Another trailer briefly showed off a gameplay sequence, where the placeholder Hero character ran and jumped through a sidescrolling level. There wasn’t a lot going on, but it did show off how the gadgets are used for traversal and combat.

Besides the custom hero, Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic will also be playable. Sonic Forces launches in late 2017, for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.