Pokémon Go’s Adventure Week is going to rock

I’m not in denial, I know I’m the only person here who hasn’t uninstalled Pokémon Go yet. I haven’t played it in months, but I’m keeping the app around just in case it suddenly becomes entertaining again. It’s a good thing too, as Niantic has recently announced another event for the game called “Adventure Week”.

From tomorrow until 25 May, players will encounter an increased number of rock-type pokémon, explains the game’s website. But being bombarded by even more Geodudes is only the start. Trainers will also be able to collect more items from pokéstops, poké balls will be 50% cheaper, buddy pokémon will find candies four times faster, and a dashing new “explorer’s hat” will be added to the wardrobe.

I mean, it’s no Mewtwo event, but it’s something, I guess. Full details here.