The Gwent open beta is coming soon

Gwent has always struck me as a bit of an odd addition to The Witcher‘s universe. First introduced in The Witcher 3 (which is amazing for many reasons, including Gwent), the collectible card game was played and enjoyed by battle hardened monster hunters and barons alike. Considering The Witcher‘s gritty and dark take on fantasy and society, it’s weird the in-game equivalent of Hearthstone even exists.

But whatever, Gwent is crazy fun and addictive, and an open beta for the standalone version kicks off next week.

According to a post by developer CD Projekt RED on the official Gwent website, the open beta will begin on 24 May on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Everyone is starting from scratch to ensure a level playing field, so players who took part in the closed beta will have their progress reset. However, CD Projekt has promised that any Card Kegs (booster packs) purchased with real world currency will be returned to players who bought them.

The announcement doesn’t detail when the open beta ends, but it does mention in the FAQ that players are welcome to make videos or streams of gameplay. When Gwent eventually does launch, it will be free to play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. PC gamers will need to sign up for a account to play, and be sure to brush up on the rules before next Wednesday.

Source: Play Gwent