ASUS already has a Ryzen-powered gaming laptop in the works

With AMD’s Ryzen mobile processors now around the next corner, ASUS has taken the first step towards an announcement of a Ryzen-based gaming laptop. In a short teaser trailer on the ROG Youtube channel, a looping GIF shows the Ryzen logo being animated, lighting up the silhouette of a ROG-branded laptop. It is likely that AMD and their hardware partners will be showing off solutions at Computex 2017 in Taipei City, and this same ASUS Ryzen-powered notebook will probably be there as well. This is quite exciting!

But what is going into this beast? At AMD’s recent Financial Analyst Day, the company confirmed for the first time that Ryzen mobile processors were on the way, and that all variants would have both a Ryzen die as well as a Vega-based GPU die available for integrated graphics. This matches up with previous slips from AMD executives about the future of the Ryzen lineup for socket AM4, which will eventually play host to quad-core APUs that include AMD’s simultaneous multithreading technology and a lot of GPU cores.

Ryzen mobile will not only just be the APU offerings, though. Certified insane vendors like Eurocom are still on track to release their behemoth notebook with a socketed Ryzen 7 processor, and AMD might be open to the idea of just having a pure CPU option with a discrete GPU instead of mucking about with dual graphics setups. If that happens, I’d be overjoyed. High-end laptops with switchable graphics should not exist, period.

Computex 2017 takes place in Taipei City, Taiwan, and runs from 30 May to 3 June 2017.

Source: Eteknix