Final episode of Telltale’s The Walking Dead: A New Frontier gets a release date

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, or “the game I’m totally going to play once I finish the previous one which might be never”, will be getting its fifth and final episode at the end of the month, and it promises to be “Telltale’s most tailored episode to date”. Details below.

Without giving too much away, a post on the game’s official blog has revealed some key details about the season finale, like the fact that it’s called From the Gallows, and that it’ll go live on 30 May. Have some more press stuff:

“As you know, Richmond teeters on the brink of collapse, and the lives of its citizens and all those closest to Javier hang in the balance. The decisions you’ve made and bonds you’ve nurtured will determine which characters now trust Javi to safeguard all they hold dear as this crisis pushes every relationship past its breaking point.”