The Women’s Battalion of Death is marching into Battlefield 1

Sisters are doing it for themselves in Battlefield 1‘s upcoming In the Name of the Tsar DLC, DICE has announced, with the 1st Russian Women’s Battalion of Death serving as the new multiplayer Scout class. The DLC will also feature new maps and new weapons, with a proper reveal expected at the EA Play event starting 10 June.

Based on actual, real history for those of you hand-wringing about “authenticity” (in a game with respawns and trench-sharks), this all-female combat unit was established in May 1917 in Petrograd, under the command of Maria “Yashka” Bochkareva who had previously enlisted in the 25th Tomsk Reserve Battalion of the Imperial Russian Army. Despite enduring sexual harassment and ridicule from her male comrades, she was awarded three times for bravery, and apparently killed at least one German soldier. With a bayonet.

The unit was disbanded some months later, however, amid increasing resentment and antagonism from the men. It’s the same reason a lot of women give up on dating in 2017, so I suppose history does repeat itself.