The seventh King of the Iron Fist tournament is forward-forward-jumping onto PC and consoles next month, and Bandai Namco is hyping it up with a series of trailers, including the opening cinematic, character trailers, and even a retro-styled recap of the series. Hit the jump to see them all collected in one place.

First off, here’s the opening cinematic. Surprisingly for a game that features bears punching robots as a major plot point, the Tekken series has a deep and sprawling story. The cinematic sets the stage for an epic continuation of the Mishima Feud, and is similar to the previously released Rage and Sorrow trailer.

In keeping with the storyline, next up is the official story trailer. It’s largely re-cut with scenes from the above, with extra shots of other characters and a badass narration thrown in. If it doesn’t make you want to sign up for karate classes at your local community centre, nothing will…

Next up are three character trailers released over the last two weeks. They show off the Tekken 7 roster, briefly detailing the fighters and their styles. It’s a mix of new characters, returning veterans, and two bears that know martial arts. Because Japan.

To explain some of the gameplay mechanics, Bandai Namco has released a series of three videos giving quick tutorials. I’m just going to link to them, in case you want to learn about movement, Power Crush, or Rage Arts. The last trailer you need to watch is part one of the utterly hilarious retro styled recap of the series. It gives players the short version of the Tekken story up to the third game, and is incredibly funny.

Tekken 7 is launching for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on 2 June. It will also star Street Fighter‘s Akuma as a guest character, in case you have a few crossover-related arguments to resolve.

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