Far Cry 5’s hillbilly messiah confirmed, probably controversial

Ahead of the game’s proper reveal tomorrow, Ubisoft has dropped some, uh, edifying artwork for Far Cry 5. I dunno which one is the “porno-Tom-Cruise-turned-religious-nutjob-murderer” – I’m guessing it’s the other one with aviator shades – but it looks like the redneck apocalypse prepper cult rumours were totally legit, amen.

There’s a lot going on in this thing, so let’s get into analysis mode. Obviously a pastiche of Leonardo’s DaVinci’s iconic painting The Last Supper, the as yet unnamed central “Christ” figure sits at the table, surrounded by his disciples, a book open in front of him. We’ve also got the obligatory arsenal of weapons, including a tactical bow, automatic rifles, and rocket launchers. Is the woman wearing a wedding dress? Maybe. A man branded a “sinner” (with a tattoo of something on his arm?) kneels before the rustic tableau, his hands tied. There’s prime rib, beer, and apple pie. A painted wolf. More guns. U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

An interesting version of the American flag is draped over the table, with its stars somewhat resembling the one used by the Church of Scientology. The same symbol is on a flag in the background, and on the chapel walls.

Oh, and a water tower. I think I know what we’ll be climbing up to recon new locations.

Perhaps most significant, though, is that for the first time in the series, the bad guys in Far Cry 5 are white Americans. So that’s… awkward? I want to believe that the game will feature thought-provoking commentary about the crumbling state of things in America – domestic terrorism, religious extremism, white supremacy – but I expect it’s mostly blowing shit up and shooting endangered wildlife. That’s okay too.