Gwent has the best trailer for a card game, ever

So, we wrote about Gwent‘s upcoming open beta recently, here’s a link in case you slept through that one. The open beta is now live and playable on PC, PS4, and Xbox One! However, CD Projekt RED weren’t content to just release the beta like an ordinary development studio. Nope, they did what they do best, and made an incredibly cool pre-rendered trailer to accompany the release.

In case you didn’t watch it, the trailer shows Geralt and his kinda-sorta-adopted daughter Ciri trying to play some cards. They’re interrupted by a Nilfgaardian patrol, but that only gives Geralt chance to use a cool one liner. The only shortcoming is that the trailer doesn’t delve into the existential crisis the character must feel while playing cards depicting themselves, or their friends and former lovers.

Besides the above trailer, another video has been released explaining the gameplay and the different playable factions of Gwent. It’s nothing new if you have played it before, but it does show off that the card’s art is now animated.

The Gwent open beta is playable now on PC via, PS4, and Xbox One.