Somehow this announcement for The Crew 2 slipped past me

Ubisoft’s The Crew was an interesting game, melding the open-world feel typical of Ubisoft titles with familiar elements like locating towers to uncover the map, mixing in tuner culture and a storyline that was forgettable at best. I found it a bit difficult to get used to, but it looks like it found its audience over time, adding in new modes and faction features to keep players entertained, as well as adding in rallycross-style racing and extra activities. Ubisoft announced The Crew 2 in a short tweet, and we’ll have to wait for the publisher’s E3 presentation to know more.

The Crew is now more of an MMORPG than anything else (Ubisoft originally called it an “MMOCarPG”, though it was limited to eight players), and the slew of DLC has helped the game a lot in terms of sales, especially because it’s been offered to players for free numerous times. It launched with a few technical problems in the beginning, and the memes about not being able to find servers to play on still float about in driving forums.

Being one of Ubisoft’s first always-online titles didn’t go over well with a lot of people, especially because it relies on peer-to-peer networking which meant that players with poor connections would drop out of races randomly, causing games to crash.

According to a community manager posting on the Ubi forums, the announcement of The Crew 2 “does not mean the end of support for The Crew”. Ubisoft will continue “to provide support for all players of The Crew in the long run – new community events, new challenges and rewards”.