This Week In Gaming [Video Roundup]

Greetings NAGijis, and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming. I’m out of town this weekend, so this is coming to you FROM THE PAST (Thursday). Do not be alarmed, I come in peace. I am here only to share gaming videos and news from the week. You may find this after the jump, mortal.

Impact Winter is a new survival game Bandai Namco, which just launched this week. Wrap yourself in something warm and watch this trailer.

Trackmania 2 Lagoon is out, and Trackmania games are always awesome. Even better, this one comes with a free demo – remember those?

Overwatch gets an Anniversary Event, and kicks it off with this retrospective trailer.

Netflix is doing an animated Castlevania series, premiering on 7 July. Here’s the first trailer.

Tekken 7 shows off their sweet opening cinematic, with a pissed off father and son squaring off.

Blasphemous is a cool-looking 2D platformer that funded on Kickstarter overnight – see if it’s worth the hype below.

Deadly Premonition is a board game I’ve never heard of, and I read a lot of crap about board games. So why did Eurogamer give it their attention? Have a look.

Tannenberg is the “standalone expansion” to Verdun, a hyper-realistic WW1 multiplayer shooter from 2015. This is like Battlefield One, except an actual brutal re-enactment of the first World War. If you’re looking for heroic one-man-army antics, you won’t find it in this clever, tactical FPS.

Eurogamer cook guy took on a fish dish from Dragon Age, which sounds like it may go horribly. Let’s hope so.

I’ve saved the best for last. Some crazy mofo remade the entire Terminator 2 movie in GTA V. Yeah, seriously, it’s basically the entire movie. Watch and enjoy.