From Software is working on something called Phantom Wail if you can believe the internet (but you shouldn’t)

Bloodborne and Dark Souls developer From Software is debuting a totally new, PS4-exclusive game at E3, some anonymous person on Reddit is claiming, citing a German article that cites some other anonymous person’s post on Reddit that cites a “notorious and accurate” but otherwise also anonymous source that might be this other anonymous guy on 4Chan, so you already know it’s probably made up.

In the exceedingly unlikely event that it’s legit, though, this is what’s what.

According to these “leaks”, the alleged game features an emphasis on hand-to-hand “martial art styles” with “traditional weapons”, and an “ancient Aztec/Mayan/tribal aesthetic”. Unlike Dark Souls and Bloodborne, however, this game drops weapon-based movesets and instead players will customise their own fighting stuff.

Which as VG247 points out, is basically exactly the same as a game called Absolver by indie French studio Sloclap, in development since 2015.

So either From Software is blatantly cribbing some other game, or – and I’m just guessing here, you guys – this leak is completely rubbish. Unless it’s not. But it is, and even if it isn’t, Phantom Wail is a stupid name.