Local indie game Jengo makes it to the big time, bru

Joburg studio Robot Wizard has announced that it’s signed up with French publisher Playdius Entertainment to distribute Jengo, the developer’s debut retro click-’em-up, to the nipple-capped masses. With this new deal (and, presumably, a quivering heap of cash munnies to go with it), the game will now launch as, like, a real game instead of a series of episodes, and a writer has also been hired onto the team. It’s… oh. This is awkward. It’s Michael James. My boss. So, um, I’m totally hyped about that and stuff. Mega wow. This game is going to be amazing. Obviously.

“We are thrilled to work with Robot Wizard,” gushes Pladius boss Francis Ingrand in the press release. “Jengo’s bittersweet humor, wonderful arts and brain-teasing riddles are a bright combination for those craving for a throwback to Point and Click Adventure Games with a modern and appealing coating.”

Inspired by classic adventure games, Jengo is about a guy who manages to get stuck inside a classic adventure game, so that’s meta, and for some reason there’s also a lot of leather fetish gear. It’s probably part of an inventory puzzle. Maybe you’ll have to combine it with a taxidermied fox and some pixie dust to make a nuclear bomb. Or something. I don’t know, I haven’t played it yet.

Game’s out sometime in 2018.