Giblets: Celebrate Heroes of the Storm’s birthday with free gifts

Overwatch recently celebrated its first birthday with a few cool things, but first birthdays are for babies. Heroes of the Storm is turning two this Friday, which essentially means it’s almost old enough to drink – depending on how bad of a parent you are or plan to be. Wait no, don’t let two-year olds drink. Ever. Seriously. I mean, other than like milk and codeine and stuff.

Anyway, the game’s birthday party is getting started and from now until 12 June, players will be able to earn loot boxes chests every day just for playing the game, Blizzard has announced. Play one match in any mode and you’ll be awarded one common chest. Players will be able to do this every day. An event quest is also currently active and will award players with a new portrait, spray, and banner for playing three matches. Full details here.