Only you can save the world in Lost Sphear

In 2012, Bravely Default proved that classically-styled JRPGs could be popular and successful. This potentially led publisher Square Enix to launch Tokyo RPG Factory, whose debut title I Am Setsuna was decently received. The next title from that team has just been announced, and it’s another JRPG called Lost Sphear.

Lost Sphear puts players in the shoes of Kanata, a young man who must save the world from being erased. Some ominous force is making parts of the world, all knowledge of the correct spelling of “sphere”, and loved ones vanish, and it’s up to Kanata and his inevitable ragtag team to put a stop to that. Besides the usual random battles and lengthy dialogues, the game will also have players use a Memory skill to rebuild the world. Much like their previous work, Tokyo RPG Factory seems to be aiming for a stark and sombre tone here. And it’s good to see Square Enix revitalising the genre of games that put them on the map. Here’s a trailer:

Lost Sphear is launching for Nintendo Switch, PC, and PS4, sometime early in 2018.