We’re still relatively fresh into June, which means it’s likely this will be when you have the most amount of disposable income. If payday happened recently, and all your accounts are paid up, why not reward yourself for being a functioning adult / overachieving teenager with the most responsible of all impulse purchases? Currently, the PlayStation Store is running two sales in case you need to patch up some holes in your library.

The first is the creatively titled Games under 330 ZAR sale, which (shocker) marks down 92 games below R330. For titles like Batman: Arkham Knight, FIFA 17, Just Cause 3, and many others, this represents a massive discount of roughly 70 percent. This sale will run until 10 June.

The other sale is dedicated to DLC and add-ons, and marks down 205 pieces of extra content. These vary massively, from huge additions like The Witcher 3: Expansion Pass for R174.50,  all the way down to extra Farming Simulator 17 tractors for R71.20. The discounts are typically high, with many add-ons marked down between 40 to 70 percent. There’s really too much to mention, and the sale runs until 15 June.

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