A lot of people were pretty hyped when Telltale announced that it would be putting its own spin on the Guardians of the Galaxy IP, but reactions to the game’s first episode have been… a little mixed. First impressions aren’t always everything, though, and maybe, just maybe the game’s second episode, Under Pressure will make that pelvic sorcery happen.

Speaking of the second episode, it should be live right now, and a trailer for it has made its way online. Expect some difficult decisions, funny one-liners, and is that a space otter?!

“Get a glimpse into Rocket Raccoon’s origins in the next episode of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series,” explains the description. You see, Timmy, when a mommy raccoon loves a daddy raccoon very much…

Wait, no. That’s not it.

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