Little Nightmares is getting three more little nightmares

You see, children, when a mommy little nightmare loves a daddy little nightmare very, very much, they make a wish together, and a new little nightmare is born, bleeding and screaming, in the blackest depths of your worst fears, and that’s why you don’t get as many presents at Christmas anymore. Or something like that.

As expected, Tarsier Studios has now announced a three-part expansion for its macabre platformer, ominously titled “Secrets of the Maw”, with launches scheduled in July, November, and next January. The DLC introduces new protagonist The Runaway Kid, and its events apparently occur simultaneously with those of Little Nightmares, somewhere else in the gloomy underwater facility.

“The initial game was all about Six and her escape. It was our narrative focus when we actually started to work on Little Nightmares. That being said questions remain unanswered at the end of the game, there are opportunities to tell more about The Maw and its inhabitants provided that players are looking for it,” explains producer Stephen Halett in an update on the game’s blog.

“The first chapter the Kid will plunge into the very Depths of the Maw, finding a place which has been abandoned and flooded. The Kid will have to swim his way through water-based puzzles while avoiding an insidious threat that lurks below the water. In the second chapter, The Kid needs to make use of the Nomes to navigate through the confined and shifting terrain of the engine room. Death is just a step away and only by working together can they both survive. The third and final chapter will decide the fate of The Runaway Kid…”

He adds that “the three chapters are self-contained adventures” but recommends playing them in order to “better understand the destinies of Six and The Kid”. Which is mostly to not be eaten, I guess.