Cyberpunk 2077 design documents stolen, CD Projekt Red threatened with ransom demands, you can’t make this stuff up

In this week’s edition of How Could They Even Do This To One Of The Nicest Developers Ever, Like, Seriously, somebody has managed to swipe a bunch of CD Projekt Red’s internal files, including early design documents for the studio’s sci-fi RPG Cyperpunk 2077, and threatened to release them to the public if an undisclosed amount of money isn’t paid. So that’s kind of astounding, but you’ve got to appreciate the irony that this sort of anarchist hacktivism is exactly what you’d expect to find in a cyperpunk game.

In a statement on Twitter, the studio explains that it won’t be paying up because nuh-uh, and besides, these documents are “old and largely unrepresentative” of the game as it is now, anyway, so whatever.


Leaks like this – but without the whole ransom thing, obviously – are more or less inevitable these days, but CD Projekt Red getting the story out ahead of these guys is probably the best way to deal with it. If they do release the documents now, they’re just going to look like incompetent assholes who couldn’t even negotiate a proper extortion. Lame-o.

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