How to watch every E3 conference without even changing the channel

Or, you know, changing the internet tab. Who even watches TV channels anymore? Not that E3 conferences are on TV, so it doesn’t matter anyway, but I haven’t tuned a channel on my TV in, like, five years. Can you still tune channels on TVs in 2017? I’d expect it’s all digital. Because it’s the future. Like those Casio calculator watches kids had when I was growing up, which were totally sci-fi at the time. I didn’t have one of those, but I did have some Thundercats. That show has aged almost as badly as He-Man, though, but then He-Man has Skeletor so, I dunno. I’m also getting distracted.

E3! Starting this weekend, some of the gaming industry’s biggest publishers will be hosting their own HYPE HYPE HYPE press conferences, so we can expect a lot of games that won’t even be out until 2020, Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio getting a proper name that might just be Xbox Scorpio, controversial PS4 exclusive content for Destiny, and much more.

So, here’s the schedule of events with local times, including embedded streams for your convenience:


Saturday 10 June @ 21:00.


Sunday 11 June @ 23:00.


Monday 12 June @ 06:00.

PC Gaming Show

Monday 12 June @ 19:00.


Monday 12 June @ 22:00


Tuesday 13 June @ 03:00