Destiny 2’s beta dates, new console launch date, and PC launch date acquired, Guardians

After dropping a very dramaaaaatic new trailer during Sony’s PlayStation E3 press conference featuring the sequel’s new big bad Gary Dominus Ghaul, Bungie has confirmed that the Destiny 2 beta will be out on console next month, including early access for pre-orders.

For whatever reason, the console launch date has been pushed up by two days, now on 6 October, with a PC launch coming up almost two months later on 24 October. The beta starts on 18 July and  19 July for pre-orders on PS4 and Xbox One respectively, and an open beta follows on 21 July, before the whole thing shuts down on 23 July. A subsequent PC beta will go live sometime in “late” August, apparently.

Here’s what’s what:

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