New Extinction trailer shows off gameplay

Killer Instinct developer Iron Galaxy recently announced its new game Extinction with a reveal trailer featuring a badass with a sword hacking and dismembering giant ogres, and zipping around a city like Persian royalty on speed. During E3 2017, another trailer was released that details the gameplay of Extinction, while also highlighting some features.

Extinction casts players as Avil, the last hope to save humanity from The Ravenii, an army of giant ogres and monsters from another dimension. The gameplay demo shows how Avil can quickly scale buildings, double jump, air dash, wall-run, and use a whip as a grappling hook to navigate the city. Combat is fast and intense, and players can launch smaller enemies into the air for sick juggling combos.

Fighting the titanic ogres requires players to systematically dismember their limbs to charge a super attack, which is delivered as a coup de grâce to decapitate the foe. Some ogres will wear armour which also needs to be destroyed, or will have different behaviour and attack patterns. Players will also need to deal with smaller minions at the same time.  All in all, it looks a great deal like Attack on Titan, which is by no means a bad thing.

Extinction will launch for PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime in early 2018. The final product promises a story-driven campaign with side quests, as well as daily challenges and custom battles.

Microsoft Studios is now Xbox Game Studios so can’t we all just get along?