Check out The Swords of Ditto in action

Role-playing games are pretty darn great, and loads of gamers agree with that. But not all of us have the time to sink into an adventure lasting between 30 to 70 hours – some of us just want to save the world before bedtime. The idea of micro-RPGs isn’t new, but the recently announced The Swords of Ditto looks to be doing something new to the formula. Following its announcement last week, the game was shown off in greater detail at E3 2017.

At face value, The Swords of Ditto is an action RPG with gameplay like Legend of Zelda with a visual style reminiscent of Adventure Time or Steven Universe. Players embody a Sword of Ditto, basically an avatar that is chosen to protect the land from evil. They must don their most heroic hat and rid the world of Mormo and her legion of baddies. The kicker is that if you succeed, your player character is revered as a hero. Statues are erected in their honour, people speak of your legendary weapons (such as vinyl frisbees or golf clubs) and the land is saved for a while. But if players fail, then evil will rule the land for the next generation. So when players begin their new adventure as an entirely different hero, they will need to explore and navigate the world influenced by the previous hero.

The game encourages co-op gameplay, but will only support local multiplayer. Despite its incredibly cutesy visuals, there seems to be great depth regarding proper usage of tools, weapons, and abilities. And the game’s world is quite unique, appearing to be a fantasy world with modern conveniences like supermarkets and wi-fi passwords.

The Swords of Ditto is launching for PC and PS4 sometime in early 2018. It is in development at onebitbeyond, and will be published by Devolver Digital.