The six E3 trailers that I’m most excited about

There were a lot of games shown off at E3 this last week. Some of them were brand new reveals, and some of them were just more of what we’ve already seen. I’ve compiled my own list of the things that most floated my boat, be sure to swing by the comments to share yours.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

I’m gonna level with you – I was a little disappointed with The Old Blood. Coming off of The New Order, one of my most enjoyable gaming experiences in the last decade, I found The Old Blood to lack the frenetic energy of its predecessor.

The magic was gone, and I’m really hoping its back in this outing. The New Order was so good I’m pretty much always going to give one of these new Wolfenstein games a go. It also helps that this reveal trailer looks like everything I loved about the original cranked up to 10.

Sea of Thieves

I’ve been following this one for a while, and I’m intrigued. It looks and feels a little clunky and maybe a lot unpolished right now, but damned if it doesn’t also look fun as hell.

This is a fully co-op game where you’re going to need to get a few friends on board for a consistent group if you want to get the full experience, but all signs point to you living your best pirate life if you can do so.

A Way Out

Another mandatory co-op, A Way Out brings back the glorious split-screen. One of the advantages of forcing co-op is that every detail of the game is engineered to work this way, with players working independently towards a common goal.

From what we’ve seen of the game so far the whole thing just seems to flow beautifully, and anything offering a rich, tense narrative experience like this has all of my interest. It’s also a prison break, which is a theme that weirdly doesn’t seem to be explored enough.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

I’m not really much of a Star Wars guy (sorry). As such, I didn’t show a lot of interest in the first Battlefront, which felt like a great decision once all the negativity started rolling in.

But a few of the things I did see piqued my interest, as the game managed to somehow capture a rich and detailed world without having much of a story to show for it. With Battlefront 2 including a full-fat single-player campaign and plenty of free DLC, I may be looking to embrace my inner Star Wars fan.

Call of Duty: WW2

I know, I know. Call of Duty long ago ascended to the level of meme-status in my mind, and I’ve been a vocal critic of the franchise for quite some time.

While never much in pursuit of realism, Call of Duty has always done the Michael Bay-esque blockbuster action thing pretty well. I long ago lost my taste for this with exosuits and space guns, but with a return to the gritty and primitive WW2 setting I’m keen to see what they can come up with – I’m hopeful that this will be the best Call of Duty game we’ve seen in some time.

Far Cry 5

Ubisoft has been doing this “shoot stuff sandbox” thing for quite some time with the Far Cry games, but this fifth instalment looks like it has more freedom than ever.

It seems like it’s less about “super stealth vs Rambo free-for-all” and more about having a set of more nuanced options available which you can pick and choose from to your bloodthirsty heart’s content. I also love the setting, controversial as it may be. The cult thing just tickles my creepy bone.