Darkest Dungeon’s expansion vonts to suck your blüd

Darkest Dungeon is my kind of thing. Gritty rogue-likes with intense gameplay and lasting consequences? Definitely my kind of thing. What’s also my kind of thing is fighting horrific blood-sucking monsters, which is where the newly released Darkest Dungeon: The Crimson Court expansion swoops in.

The Crimson Court introduces a group of aristocratic vampires for your party to cleave through. According to the official website, the story will run parallel to the main game, or it can be experienced separately. The vampires are able to inflict party members with The Crimson Curse, which gives them a lust for blood, and may make them a target of The Fanatic, a new wandering boss. A new hero called The Flagellant is playable, and more enemies, loot, weapons, and hamlet upgrades have been added as well. Here’s a deliciously gothic and Lovecraftian trailer:

Darkest Dungeon: The Crimson Court is available now for PC on Steam. The trailer says it will come to PS4 and PS Vita, but the expansion hasn’t launched on PSN at time of writing.