Beyond Good & Evil 2’s E3 demo is very impressive, buuuuut…

With fans waiting almost 10 years already for it (and probably 10 more until the thing actually launches), Beyond Good & Evil 2’s razzle-dazzle reveal at E3 was kind of a big deal. Now developer Ubisoft Montpellier has released footage of the almost 15-minute demo shown to press behind the scenes at the show, and, um. Remember No Man’s Sky? So, about that.

As creative director Michel Ancel explains, the demo is “a mix between a technological demonstration of the engine that we call Voyager, and the actual game with some gameplay elements”, so obviously not necessarily representative of the game (etc.). The thing is, there’s no real “actual game” or even proper “gameplay elements” as such. In fact, most of the demo is Ancel flying a monkey around in a spaceship, and talking about numbers that don’t matter and meteorites.

“You can explore everything, and you can gather informations and share those informations — with NPCs, but also between players,” says Ancel, but what information? What NPCs? What players? There’s a city sprawling underneath the monkey, but Ancel doesn’t go anywhere close to it. Why not? And what does any of this have to do with the original game, anyway?

For some other game that’s only just been announced, this sort of prevarication is totally expected. But for a game that’s been in development for this long, there’s not much, like, game. I’m not convinced it even exists yet. I don’t know, I want Beyond Good & Evil 2 to be amazing, but I’m super sceptical at the moment.

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