Watch this maniac start and finish Prey in just less than seven minutes

It took me 30 hours or so to finish Prey, and about half of that time was just the loading screens. This guy didn’t actually include the load times in his 6:59 (!) playthrough of Bethesda’s sci-fi coffee cup trust simulator, but that’s still almost 15 hours faster than me, and, like, how.

Geometry glitching, sequence breaking and circumvention, and some, uh, unconventional use of the GLOO Cannon, that’s how. I think I spent more time messing around in the first room of the game than it takes YouTube speedrunner Seeker TV to finish the whole thing, beating out previous record holder bjurnie by 23 seconds, but I totally didn’t cheat, so whatever.

The same player also holds the record for “completing” the game by (spoilers, maybe?) simply abandoning the Talos I space station in an escape pod in 3:42:06, according to Jeez, I can’t even change a roll of toilet paper in that kind of time.

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