Local tabletop game Worst Warriors out now

South Africa is home to some incredibly talented games creators. You need look no further than titles like BroForce, Stasis, or all the results you get if you search NAG Online for “local indie“. But this talent extends beyond screens, and South Africans are slowly making their mark on the board gaming industry. Worst Warriors, first unveiled as a prototype in 2013, has finally been completed and released.

Worst Warriors is the creation of Megan Hughes, former writer for NAG Magazine and all-round cool person, who is also self-publishing. The game began life as Mixed Monster Martial Arts at the 2013 Global Game Jam in Cape Town, where it won the Best Game and Most Fun Overall awards. Since then, it was playable at A MAZE 2014, and was featured in the home_coded segment of December 2014’s NAG Magazine (follow the link, go to page 30, try not to weep from nostalgia and the death of the print industry).

Worst Warriors pits 2-4 players in a battle for goblin superiority. Players assemble an arsenal of unusual weapons and armour, then compete with dice-based combat mechanics. The game has been described as a mix of Munchkin and King of Tokyo, and has loads of really pretty hexagonal cards to play with. Megan has finished up the game in her spare time, with help from local indie veterans Dorianne Dutrieux and Dawid Strauss, who are currently working on Shattered Realms.

Worst Warriors is currently selling at $49.99 (R650 locally) via The Game Crafter. Be sure to like it on Facebook, and attend the 15 July launch party at The Big Box in Cape Town.

Rated M for “moral panic”, or the one about video games and controversy