The VRotica headset is exactly what you think it is

Unless, like me, you first read it as “vrot-ica”, a headset with a very exclusive content library featuring a lot of dead things rotting in bins, supported with Smell-O-Tron tech and ultra-realistic rubber maggot accessories. I don’t know which is worse, actually.

In fact, you probably could find mysophilia porn (it’s a thing, because obviously it’s a thing) on the VRotica, UK startup Hologram’s new headset for the discerning – and, uh, discreet – solo player.

For $220 (approximately R3000), the VRotica provides access to premium X-rated content from VR porn studio BaDoink, plus six pre-installed videos for your convenience and viewing, uh, pleasure, and Hologram also plans to sell content from other studios, users themselves, and even livestreams by the end of the year.

Although you can technically use existing VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and Vive to watch smut, those manufacturers have shut porn studios out of their app stores, and people who want to look at boobs must sideload that sort of stuff instead.

“VRotica allows us to streamline the delivery of immersive adult entertainment, without any of the many distractions found on other systems,” company co-founder Deniz Opal told Variety.

The headset apparently doesn’t require any other device to work, like a PC or phone, and also doesn’t include an external controller or touchpad. Unless you count your you-know-what, I mean.

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