Make life or death choices with July’s free PS Plus games

The original headline for this was going to be “Play Game of Thrones Until Dawn with PlayStation Plus this July“. And while both accurate and punny, I think it works better for an intro paragraph instead.

Fittingly, as our country heads into winter, both of the headlining acts of the PS Plus free games for July both deal with cold and death. Until Dawn, for PS4, is a narrative adventure where eight machete fodders characters must survive unspeakable horrors atop a snowy mountain. Tarryn reviewed it a while back, and it’s like a wonderfully cheesy interactive horror movie. Also for PS4 is the full season of Telltale’s Game of Thrones, another narrative adventure where your choices could kill everyone.

PS3 gamers gets Tokyo Jungle, the only game where a Pomeranian stealth-kills lions, and 2D fighter Darkstalkers Resurrection. Vita owners get Element4l, and Don’t Die, Mr. Robot, which supports Cross Buy on PS4 and has nothing to do with the Mr. Robot TV series. To download these titles, as well as access online multiplayer, be sure to subscribe to PlayStation Plus.

Source: PlayStation Blog