Rocket League is, uh, getting some, Morty, it’s getting some, BLARGH, I mean, some, you know, getting some free Rick and Morty stuff, Morty

In celebration of the game’s second anniversary, developer Psytronix has announced that a number of characters from Adult Swim’s sci-anarchy show are coming to Rocket League next week for exactly zero schmeckles. SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT.

Starting 5 July, Rick, Morty, Cromulon, Mr Meeseeks, and everybody’s best friend Mr Poopy-Butthole will be available as custom thingies for cars, plus an “Interdimensional GB” rocket boost and some distinctive “Sanchez DC-137” dimensional portal wheels. I assume the portals don’t actually work.

Get schwifty.

“Look for these new items as Common drops after offline and online matches,” writes community manager Devin Connors on the game’s blog, adding that “Szechuan sauce not included”, so that’s a bust but you can make your own.


Help, I can’t stop playing Of Mice and Sand