Last week Respawn detailed some of the content coming with Titanfall 2‘s The War Games free DLC pack, which officially went live on Tuesday. It includes a remastered version of a fan-favourite map from the first game, a new live fire map, and some other cool tweaks and additions.

If you haven’t checked the pack out yet, you’ll definitely want to after watching its launch trailer. But be warned, you’ll never be as good as the people in the video, and trying will only make you even more depressed.

“It’s all fun-and-games until someone loses a Titan in the latest free DLC pack for Titanfall 2: The War Games,” explains the description.

New maps aren’t the only exciting things the DLC has to offer. It also comes with “some key free features, including the addition of a 3rd weapon slot, the permanent addition of Titan Brawl as a game mode, and the latest Holo Pilot execution that will put your shadow boxing skills to the test”.