Grand Theft Auto V’s Mount Chiliad UFO mystery moves online and is stupidly difficult

Ever since players first finished Grand Theft Auto V on the PS3 and Xbox 360, the mural on top of Mount Chiliad, the highest mountaintop in the game drove players wild with wonder. Speculation grew that there was a hidden mystery in the game that hadn’t yet been found, and a cryptic message left on some planks by the mountain’s viewing platform, which read “come back when your story is complete” indicated that there was more than meets the eye. It took code hunters weeks to break the first files related to the mystery to discover where the UFOs in the game were, and since then more secrets have been revealed that were fairly impossible to find in the game without hints.

Years after the search dried up, GTA Online‘s Gunrunning DLC brought some new content and brand new files to decrypt, but it looks like we’ll never really know what the mural was supposed to represent. With how difficult it is to meet the next stop in the mystery, it looks more like a money grab than anything else.

The new leg of the mystery, which was previously an offline, single-player component, has now leapt into GTA Online. A special mission can be triggered while doing a gunrunning mission, and players are led by Agent 14 to the crash site of an alien space ship, where they are told to grab a nearby artifact, an alien egg, and book it out of there back to base. While taking the egg, you have to shoot five aliens that appear out of thin air to challenge you. This was all discovered by code hunters in the Chiliad Mystery subreddit, collectively called “Chiliad Mystery Guru”, who have almost completely decrypted GTA V and have learned a lot about how Rockstar obfuscates entire sections of their code to make it unreadable to outsiders.

Why am I posting spoilers for you? Well, to get to this point in the game you have to have completed a total of six hundred gun running supply missions. That’s right, 600 missions. Most players have barely broken one hundred in the time that’s spanned since the release of the DLC until today. At maybe ten minutes per supply run, accounting for griefing from jet fighters and other unfriendly players, that’s almost 6,000 minutes that you’d have to spend in the game just for this mission. One hundred hours total. That’s also $75,000 if you want to resupply with cash each mission instead of stealing supplies, ending up at whopping GTA$45 million!

You also have to launch the mission in between 21:00 and 23:00 in-game, and the special condition will trigger. I figured that watching the video will just be simpler than doing all of that.

The Chiliad Mystery Guru team noted in their announcement on the subreddit that Rockstar can alter the stats for this mission and make it easier to achieve for players, or to change some of its variables and make it happen more frequently once you meet the same conditions. There’s no bonus for nabbing the egg, and there doesn’t seem to be an associated achievement for it either. Perhaps it’s still a work in progress that will eventually see Rockstar fully enabling it for players. Maybe it even signals the return of the mystery? It’s been dead for an awfully long time.

Source: Reddit

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