Okay, more like 180 cars. I’m not a car person, so cars all look kind of the same to me, and there’s not much real difference between 100 cars, 1000 cars, and 1,000,000 million cars besides the colours anyway. I like the white ones, but yellow ones are rad too.

Slightly Mad Studios has revealed the complete list of licensed cars for the sequel, “carefully curated from the world’s most elite brands” which presumably includes some white and yellow ones too, and features things like wheels and… carburettors. That’s a thing, isn’t it? It’s got the word “car” in it, so it must be.

“Each car has been faithfully built to exacting standards, with architecture that has been approved by each and every automaker, and handling that has been tested and approved by half-a-dozen real-world drivers,” according to the press stuff. “Project CARS 2 is the vivid expression of racing, and that authenticity begins with the very soul of motorsport—the cars.”

Game’s out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on 22 September.

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