Watch us ramble off a list of our favourite things from E3 2017

Once upon a time, back when NAG magazine was still alive and kicking, every year we’d secretly cram a super-sweet E3 supplement into the magazine bag. These supplements were full of the best and brightest news-y bits to come out of the Los Angeles Convention Center during the chaos of E3 week.

Much like Christmas, or an awkward dinner with strangers, our E3 supplement brought much joy and laughter to everyone involved. We completed this annual ritual so you’d know exactly which games and announcements were worthy of your attention once all the noise, bombast and awkward moments of E3 had died down.

The video below is kind of like that, except instead of a micro-magazine full of useful information, it’s just two assholes mumbling stuff about dinosaur poop and offering the complete opposite of what most would call useful information. You should watch it.

Yes, it may seem a little late. Yes, it’s 38 minutes long, which brings it dangerously close to the length of your average TV show. No, we don’t care if you disapprove. If you like it, let us know and we’ll do something similar next year. We’ll be smarter about it. Maybe. But probably not.