MSI Optix monitors boast FreeSync support, high refresh rates, stuff

MSI makes a lot of stuff these days. Motherboards, graphics cards, CPU coolers, PC chassis, laptops, peripherals – even mouse mats. Now they’re taking it one step further towards going whole hog, and have just announced two new gaming monitors in their first-ever lineup for gamers. The MSI Optix G27C and G24C will be launching sometime in the second half of 2017, and will be MSI’s first foray into the gaming monitor market.

The Optix G27C and G24C are almost identical on paper, with display size being the obvious difference between the two. Both have AMD FreeSync support, which has been fully tested and validated by AMD up to 144Hz refresh rates. Both have a maximum resolution of 1920×1080, both are based on VA panel technology, and both are curved. In terms of connectivity, both monitors sport one HDMI 1.4a port, one DisplayPort 1.2a port, and one DVI connector.  This seems to preclude HDCP 2.2 support, which is still required to play future high-definition content at 1080p. The G27C has a quoted 4ms grey-to-grey colour cycle, while the G24C is much quicker at 1ms grey-to-grey. It’s possible that the smaller panel is less susceptible to colour degrading when its pixels are swapping colours that fast.

Both monitors lack VESA mounts for custom monitor arms, something that I find odd. Although a lot of gamers prefer to stick to the stock stands, having a monitor mount is becoming a popular addition to desktops today.

A neat trick that both monitors also have is user-upgradeable firmware. No price or release date for South Africa has been announced, but MSI says that work is being done to get these monitors sold locally. The G27C sells for $299.99 on Amazon, which is about R4,000 at today’s trading rates. If we add R1,000 for taxes and customs, it would be competing directly with Samsung’s LC27F591DAXXA curved gaming monitor.