Bowling makes a return to Tekken 7

Tekken Bowl was first introduced to the iconic fighting series with Tekken Tag Tournament in 2000, and considering this is the same series that pits bears against ancient Aztec gods, the inclusion of a bowling minigame wasn’t too strange. It was also really fun, and went on to be featured in a few more Tekken entries – and now Bandai Namco has announced that players can return to the lanes in the recently released Tekken 7 with Ultimate Tekken Bowl.

This is a series that never does anything in half-measures (see also: “bears vs. Aztec gods”). As such, the announcement trailer is way more badass than anything related to bowling has ever been. The minigame will let the roster of fighters take a break from hitting each other, and rather hit the lanes. Each character will most likely also play differently, and have unique strengths or stats. The trailer shows series director Katsuhiro Harada bowling in a truly epic fashion, before showing off some brief footage of gameplay.

Ultimate Tekken Bowl is coming to Tekken 7 sometime this August, and you can pick up the base game on PC, PS4, and XBO. For more, check out our review by Matthew “There are two Matthews” Vice.