The Tomorrow Children is going offline, only one year after launch

Japan Studio and Q-Games’ unconventional free-to-play PS4 MMO is being condemned to the gulag of the internet, the developers have confirmed, with all means of production shutting down on 1 November.

The news comes via game director Dylan Cuthbert, who announced on Twitter over the weekend that it “was a fun and very different game to the usual fare but The Tomorrow Children will be closing in November, your last chance to play EVER!”. He explained in several subsequent tweets that there were multiple reasons for its closure, “but primarily it is just a lot of hard work keeping a game like this running, constantly creating content and getting users in” and that the game “just couldn’t reach enough players to try it out”.

According to an update on the PlayStation Store, players apparently have until 31 August to purchase in-game currency and content, but why would they?

Featuring a subversive (and questionable) mashup of monsters, Minecraft, and, uh, Marxism, and a unique minimalist aesthetic, the game launched to somewhat mixed reviews last October, so this isn’t exactly unexpected.