Nioh’s Defiant Honor expansion detailed, dated, priced

There are many reasons why I’m currently hunting for a semi-affordable PS4, and Nioh is one of them. The game looks fantastic, and fellow Souls fan Matt (Vice) gave it a very respectable score in his review.

Those of you who loved the game will be happy to learn that its second DLC pack, titled Defiant Honor, has finally been detailed, and will be out later this month.

Defiant Honor takes us to Osaka Castle, the largest and most impregnable castle of Sengoku era,” explains Team Ninja’s Tom Lee on the PlayStation blog. “This add-on features the legendary warrior Sanada Yukimura, serving Tokugawa Ieyasu’s archenemy Toyotomi clan, who values honour above all else.”

“As tensions brew between the Tokugawa and Toyotomi clans, Sanada Yukimura prepares his men for imminent conflict against the Tokugawa’s forces by building a stronghold called the Sanada Maru on the outskirts of the Osaka Castle. With the castle fortified, Tokugawa’s forces were faced with a difficult and bloody challenge. In the midst of this chaos, our hero William, accompanied by Date Masamune who fights alongside Tokugawa, head towards Sanada Maru in pursuit of Maria. It is a bitter winter in Osaka and the stage is ripe for a fierce battle for the ages. Bundle up and get ready for a brutal winter showdown!”

Along with all that, the DLC will also add the new Tonfa weapon, new guardian spirits and Yokai, enemies, armour, magic items, new stages, “numerous” side missions, and some other stuff which you can check out here.

Nioh: Defiant Honor will be out on 25 July, and is priced at 9.99 euros (R154).