Valve banned over 40,000 Steam accounts in one day last week

So, you want to cheat in a game. Probably Counter-Strike. But you don’t want to get banned and lose access to the game servers and your exotic weapon skins. Or you cheated, and you got banned, and you lost access to the game servers and your exotic weapon skins, but you want to get it back so you can cheat, but not get banned this time because things will totally be different. So, you wait until the game is super cheap, and purchase it on a alternate account. Then you cheat on that account instead. It’s ingenious. The cyberpolice will never think of that! Except they did.

On Thursday 7 June – not coincidentally, no doubt, the day after the annual Summer Sale concluded – Steam’s Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) banned an unprecedented 40,431 accounts, dumping over $9000 worth of in-game inventory into a mass grave, according to VAC-BAN. That’s more than three times its previous record of 15,227 bans in October 2016, and even more times the daily average of around 3500.

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Via Dot Esports.