Giddy up and ride into the sunset on a T-Rex in Dino Frontier

The Old West has been endlessly romanticised over the years. There’s something about its imagery and themes that evoke a sense of wonder in audiences – the vistas, the struggle of man versus nature, the gunfights, and… the dinosaurs. So maybe the last one would feel out of place in other games, but upcoming PlayStation VR title Dino Frontier is taking a very different look at the Old West.

Normally, VR titles don’t grab my attention, but anything with dinosaurs added is cool. Dino Frontier is in development at Uber Entertainment, the studio previously responsible for Planetary Annihilation. The game will cast players as Big Mayor in charge of a frontier town. Players will construct buildings, manage townfolk, and tame and train dinosaurs as livestock. In this world, there are no animals like horses or bison. So dinosaurs will be mounts, draft animals, and extra guns in a fight. If you’ve ever wanted to create a gang of velociraptor-riding bandits, here’s your chance.

Dino Frontier is set to launch on 1 August, and it seems to be exclusive to PSVR. Although there seems to be some innovative use of VR controls, it would be great exploring this setting as a regular strategy game.