Take on a scary cult in Mafia III’s Sign of the Times DLC, out this month

In his review of 2K Games’ Mafia III, Miklós suggested only picking the game up when it’s massively discounted, or if “you have very little else to play”, but I’m sure some of you ignored this sage advice and grabbed the game anyway. If you’re one of those people, it might interest you to know that the game’s third DLC drop isn’t too far off, and it looks legitimately interesting.

“The burnt-out shell of Sammy’s is littered with bodies, the result of a ritual sacrifice gone wrong,” explains a blurb on the game’s official blog. “It’s up to Lincoln Clay, Father James – and you – to unravel the clues and free a woman from the grips of a bloodthirsty cult.” Here’s an inside look into the expansion.

 Sign of the Times will launch on 25 July. Full press stuff here.

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