PSA: You can start preloading the Destiny 2 beta tonight, Guardians

Destiny 2‘s console beta is going live next week (omg), but you can get it ready to go-go-go from 19:00 local time this evening if you have a code, according to a report over on Polygon. The beta features the campaign’s opening mission called “Homecoming”, the “Inverted Spire” Strike mission, and two Crucible multiplayer modes, Countdown and Control. Only one subclass will be available for each class – but they’re the new subclasses debuting in the sequel, so that’s rad – including the Arcstrider (Hunter), Sentinel (Titan), and Dawnblade (Warlock).

The early access PS4 beta starts on 18 July, and on Xbox One the next day, for players who’ve pre-ordered the game. An open public beta for everybody else gets going on 21 July, and the whole thing shuts down on 23 July. A subsequent PC beta will launch sometime in “late” August, apparently.