This is your last chance to buy Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD on Steam

The two things that make for a great sale are a hefty discount, and fear-of-missing-out induced panic. Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD on Steam has both of those things, because the game will soon be unlisted from the service and it’s also really, really cheap. According to an announcement on the Steam News portal, the game will be removed from sale from 17 July. No reason is given, but it could be due to an expiring licensing agreement with the in-game music.

Developed by Robomodo and releashed in 2012, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD revamped levels and gameplay from the first two games. The game only received mixed reviews, and couldn’t bring the skating genre back to its early 2000s heyday.  According to Steam Database the number of daily players jumped from the low 30s to a record high of 489, a figure higher than during the game’s launch. The game has also seen more than 10,000 new sales in that time, proving that panic buying is clearly good for business.

In slightly more positive news, an interview with Tony Hawk over at Jenkem revealed that the legendary skateboarder is working on a new game, only not with Activision anymore.

Source: Steam News