You can finally have a custom profile picture on Xbox One

A new Xbox One system update out now includes what must be one of the most wanted ever features for Microsoft’s consoles – support for your own uploaded gamerpics. The future is now, everybody. Up next, flying cars and food replicators. Maybe.

Obviously, there are some limits to what exactly you can use as a gamerpic, and as Xbox Live boss Larry Hryb explains, it’s very much subject to the service’s code of conduct. So no, you can’t use a photo of your junk. Nobody wants to see that, Barry, and that’s why you can’t get a date on Tinder. You can upload an image from an external hard drive to your console, or with the Xbox app on Windows 10 and mobile. Show us what you got.

The update also adds split-screen co-op streaming for up to four players on Beam Mixer, and for homes with multiple users on a single console, you can now link your profile to a specific controller for automatic account login, so that’s rad.

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