PSA: The Destiny beta already has an update

The Destiny 2 beta goes live tonight (TONIGHT, YOU GUYS), and although some of you have already preloaded the client, an update dropped last night that you’ll also need to download before you can jump in and break other stuff. Although Bungie didn’t say what exactly the update does, it probably includes fixes for some on the beta’s known issues, including potential networking and connectivity problems. The studio has confirmed, however, that (not unexpectedly) a PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription is required for the online multiplayer Crucible and Strike content.

The early access PS4 beta starts today, and on Xbox One tomorrow, for players who’ve pre-ordered the game. An open public beta for everybody else gets going on 21 July, and the whole thing shuts down on 23 July. A subsequent PC beta will launch sometime in “late” August, apparently.